27 Jun 2024

Party Wall Agreement FAQs

Party wall agreements often go hand in hand with loft conversions. We’ve answered your frequently asked questions to help you understand the who, what, where, when, and why of party wall agreements.

What is a party wall?

Any wall that is on the land of two or more owners, whether forming part of a building or not, is classed as a party wall. For example, this could be the wall you share with your neighbour in a semi-detached house.

What is a party wall agreement?

When you are planning to work on a party wall, e.g. to convert your loft, you, or an appointed surveyor, must draw up a party wall notice informing your neighbour of the works. They must give their written consent for the works to go ahead. This process is known as a party wall agreement.

When do I need a party wall agreement?

A party wall agreement is needed for almost any loft conversion in a terraced or semi-detached house. You do not need one if you live in a detached house. Some examples of works on a party wall that require an agreement include removing a chimney, knocking down and rebuilding sections of the wall, increasing the wall height or thickness, and building a new wall.

Why do I need a party wall agreement?

Under the Party Wall Act 1996, you must get consent before altering a party wall. This is to ensure your neighbour’s property is protected from damages that may occur during works on the wall, and to help settle any disputes which may arise.

How do I create a party wall notice?

You can create a party wall notice yourself or with the help of a surveyor and your loft conversion company. The notice should include your name, address, a description of the works including drawings and plans of your loft conversion, and the proposed start date. It should be provided to your neighbour at least 2 months before the start date.

What happens if my neighbour doesn’t agree?

If your neighbour has not responded to the party wall notice within 14 days, it is taken that they have objected to the works. In this case, you will need to ask a surveyor to draw up a party wall award. You and your neighbour can use an agreed surveyor between you, or your neighbour may request a different surveyor to help resolve the issue. You will need to cover the costs of both. Once you have reached an agreement, works can legally commence.

Can you help with my party wall agreement?

Crown Development Services has years of experience in designing and building loft conversions in a variety of properties. We are very familiar with party wall agreements, so we can provide all the information you need for your party wall notice, guiding you through the process.

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