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The Process

Loft Conversion Process

Crown Development Services are with you every step of the way.

Our loft conversion process has been designed to keep you informed throughout the build, minimising stress. With most loft conversions taking around eight weeks to build, we offer an efficient and uncomplicated process.

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Week 1

Scaffolding Erection & Delivery of Materials

We will start by carefully erecting the scaffolding around your house, ensuring that you still have easy access to external doors. At this stage, we will also deliver all the necessary materials for the build, including steels, portaloos, and skips.

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Week 2

Floor Structure & Dormer Build

In the second week, we will work on the floor structure, installing new floor joists that rise above the existing ceiling joists. If your loft conversion type includes dormers, they will be constructed at this point.

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Week 3

1st Fix Electrical & Plumbing Works

The next stage is to complete the 1st fix electrical and plumbing works, installing all the necessary electrical cables and pipework for your loft conversion. This will later be hidden by plaster and finished in the 2nd fix.

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Week 4

Flooring & Staircase Installation

We will then install the flooring, placing floorboards to cover up all the pipes and wiring and provide a flat surface to walk on. We will also fit the staircase up to the loft, granting you access to your new loft room.

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Week 5

Plasterboard & Insulation

During Week 5, we will install the loft insulation, taking care to fill in all the gaps to reduce heat loss. At the same time, we will plasterboard the walls and ceiling to get them ready for plastering.

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Week 6

Plastering & 2nd Fix Electrics & Plumbing

After we have completed the plastering process, we will carry out the 2nd fix electrical and plumbing works. Any electrical appliances or fixtures will be connected and, if you have opted for a loft bathroom, the sink, toilet, etc. will be fitted.

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Week 7

Finish & Clean

At in the final stage of the project, we will make sure everything is finished and clean, ready for you to decorate. We will tie up all the loose ends and make sure that you are happy with your loft before handover.

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Week 8

Removal of Scaffolding

The following week, we’ll remove the scaffolding from around your house, allowing you to enjoy your new loft conversion in peace! By this time, your loft should be partly or fully furnished, and we may take a few pictures of it to share.


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